IndustryTafelpoot Logo

Logo design for the factory th

Force Field Glass

Concept logo for Force Field G

Greindus Logo

Logo created for industrial Co

Bee Brand Assets

A few more brand assets to go


A very elegant and clear logo

Plasturgica Swiss

Logo for Plastic Upcycling (Pl

Dmsb Logo

The Symbols in the Emblem insp


A simple sign, assembled from


Tvorsad (rework) Corporate ide

UX Ghent logo animation

Logo created for a meetup grou

MOLCHEM logo animation

Easy logo animation for new br

Inti Provisions

Logo for a new food company he

Otto Logo

Logo for Otto for a fashion br

Baviello Investment Management Logo

The Identity Story”Bavie

FurnitureFix Logo

Furniture logo design of a arm


Logo is simple, clever, bold l


Logo for Digital company here

Skill To Lead

Logo for a company that leads


Logo for a corporate logo. A c


Logo for company who make and


Logo for honey manufacturing c

Triple S Brewing

Logo for brewery’s.

Industrial / Organic Logo

The final logo for organic was

Summit Cranes

Logo design for company Summit

The X Show

Radio show logo.

Office Robot

A logo created but unused and