Roost Restaurant Logo

Roost — logo concept explora

Yum Yum Club

In 🔥quick-fire 🔥design r

Voodoo Vegan Logo

A conceptual logo for a vegan

Sidekick Coffee

Logo project for SideKick Coff

Monk Sushi Conveyor Hire Logo

Logo design for Monk Sushi Con

Na Plovárně

Logo for Na Plovárně restaut

Falucho Bar

Brand design for Falucho Bar,

Bajzovi Dvori

Logo for a brass music bar. lo

Bar Laurel

Branding for a new restaurant

Elora Brewing Co.

Logo for a Elora Brewing Co,Su

Duck Cafe

Cleverly hidden meaning logo d


This logo created for restaura

Catering Wagon

Logo created for a business. T

Bread Bar Logo

Wordmark logo for Bread Bar, a

Herbe Sainte

Logo completed for a New Orlea

Taste&Toast Logo

Logo for Taste and Toast resta


Logo for a restaurant based in

Whale not sleep / grill – bar

Identity kit for grill –


New logo for South London rest

Fossil Craft Beers

Logos for a local brewery in C

La Hojaldrería

A logo proposal for a restaura

Wine Garden

Logo for wine garden.

Logomark for LBGTQIA cafe

The Magic Head (shown right si

The Brick Factory

Logo for a restaurant that ser

Calliope Coffee

Logo design for a local coffee

Sushi Restaurants Logo

Sushi restaurant in Netherland

Azur bar logo

Azur bar logo